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Fluid Condition Monitoring Products

Fluid Condition Monitoring Products
Fluid Condition Monitoring Products
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Fluid Condition Monitoring Products

Contamination Causes Most Hydraulic Failures:

The experience of designers and users of hydraulic and lube oil systems has verified the following fact: over 75% of all system failures are a direct result of contamination!

The cost due to contamination is staggering, resulting from:

  • Loss of production (downtime)
  • Component replacement costs
  • Frequent fluid replacement
  • Costly disposal
  • Increased overall maintenance costs
  • Increased scrap rate

 Functions of Hydraulic Fluid

Contamination interferes with the four functions of hydraulic fluids:

 1. To act as an energy transmission medium.

2. To lubricate internal moving parts of components.

3. To act as a heat transfer medium.

4. To seal clearances between moving parts.

If any one of these functions is impaired, the hydraulic system will not perform as designed. The resulting downtime can easily cost a large manufacturing plant thousands of rupees per hour. Hydraulic fluid maintenance helps prevent or reduce unplanned downtime. This is accomplished

through a continuous improvement program that minimizes and removes contaminants.

Contaminant Damage

  • Orifice blockage
  • Component wear
  • Formation of rust or other oxidation
  • Chemical compound formation
  • Depletion of additives
  • Biological growth

Hydraulic fluid is expected to create a lubricating film to keep precision parts separated. Ideally, the film is thick enough to completely fill the clearance between moving parts. This condition results in low wear rates. When the wear rate is kept low enough, a component is likely to reach its intended life expectancy, which may be millions of pressurization cycles.

Parker Condition Monitoring Products

  • icountLaserCM20  - Portable Particle Counter
  • Universal Bottle Sampler - Simple and efficient offline oil sampling
  • icountBSplus Bottle Sampler
  • Single Point Sampler - Online Sampling
  • System20 - Inline Sensors & Monitors
  •  System20 - EM20 Electronic Monitor
  • System20 - Analogue Monitor
  • MCM20 - Autoremote Particle Counter


  • icountPD - Online Particle Detector For mineral oil, aggressive fluids or fuels
  • icountPDR - Robust Online Particle Detector
  • icountOS Oil Sampler
  • Early Warning icount Lubrication and Hydraulic Oil Monitoring system
  • icountMS Range - Moisture Sensors
  • MS Series Moisture Sensors
  • Oilcheck - Hand-held Oil Condition Monitor
  • icountACM20 Lab Unit - Aviation Fuel Contamination Monitoring