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Rectus / Tema Couplers

Rectus / Tema Couplers
Rectus / Tema Couplers
Product Code : 13
Product Description
Rectus / Tema Couplers
Low-Pressure 22KA Brass/St. 40KA Brass/St. Accessories
02KA  Brass/St.  23KA Brass/St. 41KF Brass/St. 2 / 3 Way Manifold
08KF  Brass/St.  23KE Self-Venting  42KF Brass/St. 2 / 3 Way Manifold Assembly
08KL  Brass/St. 24KA Brass/St. 45KF Brass/St. 90° Elbow
13KA  Brass/St.  24KE Self-Venting 48KA/KB Thermoplastic Blanking Plug / Tapered
1400KA  Brass/St. 25KA Brass/St. 50KA Brass/St. Blow-Guns
1423KA  Brass/St. 25KA SS 51KB Brass/St. Bulkhead Fitting
14KA  Brass/St. 25KA Coded 51KB/SF Brass/St. Bulkhead Lock Nut
14KE  Self-Venting 25KB Brass/St. 52KB Brass/St. Double Banjo Fitting
1600KA  Brass/St. 25KB SS 52KB/SF Brass/St. Dust Caps
1625KA  Brass/St. 25KD Safety 57KB Brass/St. Equal Ended Cross / Tee
1700KA  Brass/St. 25KE Self-Venting 57KB/SF Brass/St. Female Elbow
1700KB  Brass/St. 25KL Brass/St. 65-67 Coded Female Stud Fitting
1727KA  Brass/St. 25KL SS 71KB SS Female Tee
17KA  Brass/St. 25KS Safety 71KB Thermoplastic Female x Female Socket
18KA  Brass/St. 26KA Brass/St. 72KB SS Female Y
18KE  Self-Venting 26KA SS 72KB Thermoplastic Fixed Spring Guard
19KA  Brass/St. 26KB Brass/St. 132 73KB SS Hose Repairer / Short
20KA  Brass/St. 26KE Self-Venting 73KB Thermoplastic Hose Tail Barb, Fem. Thd
20KA SS 27KA Brass/St. 74KB SS Hose Tail Barb, Male Thd.
20KB Brass/St. 27KA SS 74KB Thermoplastic Hose Tail Elbow
20KB SS 27KB Brass/St. 75KB SS Hose Tail, long / short
204KL Brass/St. 27KB SS 75KB Thermoplastic Male Elbow
204KL SS 27KE Self-Venting 76KB SS Male Stud Elbow
206KL Brass/St. 28KS Safety 76KB Thermoplastic Male Stud Run Tee
206KL SS 29KA Brass/St. 77KB Thermoplastic Male x Male Nipple
209KL Brass/St.  303KB SS  84KA Brass/St. Male x Male Nipple adjust.
209KL SS 30KA Brass/St. 90KA Brass/St. Male-/Female-Elbow
21KA/21KB Thermoplastic 31KA Brass/St. 91KA Brass/St. Multi-Port Manifold
21KA Brass/St. 32KA Brass/St. 93KF Brass/St. Pressure Reducing Valve
21KA SS 33KA Brass/St. 93KL Brass/St. Push-In
21KA Coded 34KA Brass/St. 95KS Breathing Air RectuTest
21KB Brass/St. 37KA Brass/St. 96KS Breathing Air Reducing Bush, long / short
21KB SS 37KE Self-Venting 99KL SS Single Banjo Fitting
21KD Safety 38KB Brass/St. SSV21 Safety 259 Spring Guard
21KL Brass/St. 38KB/SF Brass/St. TF3800 Thermo-oil Stud Fitting
21KL SS 39KB Brass/St. TF5000 Thermo-oil Swivel Joint
21KS Safety 39KB/SF Brass/St. TF10000 Thermo-oil Swivelling Spring Guard
225KL SS 39KL Brass/St.   Tee
Accessories     Accessories High-Pressure
  FF-Series IF-Series Adapters
Threaded Nut FF2500 IF2300  
Washer, Aluminium FF3800 IF2500  Measuring-Systems
Washer, Fiber FF5000 IF3800 System 100
Washer, PVC FF7500 IF5000 PJS
  FF10000 IF6300 Hoses and Tubing
Medium / High Pressure   IF7500 Nylon 12
T-Series IA2500    
2300 IA3800 TEMA MULTI-LINE Polyurethane
2500 IA5000  HP-Series RECTUFLEX
3800 IA7500 HP1000 with straight extension
5000 IA10000 HP1500 SUPERBRAID
7500     ULTRA-LITE
10000 IB-Series Accessories Medium Pr.  RECTUSPARK
15000 71KB Adapters PVC
20000 IB2500/72KB Components for RECTUSOFT
  IB3800/73KB Multi Couplings PVDF
H-Series IB5000/74KB Hinged lids RECTUCHEM
H5000/7500/10000 IB7500/75KB Pressure Relief Valve Accessories Hoses
  IB10000/76KB Swivel Joints Hose Cutter